2012: UNBC Botany Research

In 2012, UNBC professor Dr. Darwyn Coxson, returned to the Cassiar Cannery to expand on his research from the previous year.

Staying in one of our Guest Houses and using the General Store as a lab, Dr. Coxson revisited the transects established in 2011 for further study.


  • Dr. Coxson revisits every sample section within all the transects over a full seven day period
  • Elevation survey taken again
  • Within each one-meter square sample, a 30cm x 30cm square is clipped, assigned an identification number and bagged
  • Each sample is spread out to dry then repackaged into identified paper bags according to their transect location
  • Each sample is weighed then separated into individual species, bagged and tagged and weighed again alone to calculate the overall species density