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Surrounded by stunning wilderness scenery, rich in natural and cultural history, the Cassiar Cannery is a perfect spot to pull out your sketch pad, set up an easel or spin, weave or carve.  It's time to celebrate and support art and artists at the Cassiar Cannery with an Artist-in-Residence program.

The Cassiar Cannery Artist-in-Residence program provides opportunities for visual artists to live and work in the Cassiar Cannery for a period of 10 or 19 days over two different residencies. Artists- in-Residence are provided with accommodation and studio space as well as an honorarium to offset the cost of materials, shipping, day to day living expenses and travel. Artists-in-Residence must give one public presentation, performance or workshop during their residency. 

The Cassiar Cannery long residency is intended for professional artists with formal training or equivalent experience and recognition among their peers. The short residency is open only to emerging and established artists living and working in Northern British Columbia.


Long residency (19 days):  April 14 - May 4, 2020

Short residency (10 days) (regional artists only): October 9 - 19, 2020

Deadline for Applications is November 30, 2019

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  • Your accommodation
  • General Store workspace
  • Surrounding natural inspiration


The Prince Rupert Community Arts Council was founded in 1971 as not-for-profit, membership-based organization dedicated to fostering arts and culture in the Prince Rupert region.  The PRCAC is run by a volunteer board  committed to enhancing the arts community in Prince Rupert.  The PRCAC raises funds through membership fees, special events, corporate contributions, and generous financial assistance from the City of Prince Rupert and the BC Arts Council.

Visit the Prince Rupert Community Arts Council Website

submission GUIDELINES

Submissions are due no later than November 30, 2019.  Late or incomplete proposals will not be accepted.

Email your submissions to the Prince Rupert Community Arts Council at
Please put “Artist-in-Residence” in the subject line.

Successful submissions will be announced no later than December 15, 2019.

Submissions must include:

  • CV including social media contacts (maximum 2 pages)
  • Artist statement (maximum 200 words)
  • Project proposal (maximum 300 words)
  • Images: 10-15 images of recent work (past 5 years) in JPEG format, maximum resolution 1024x768, 300ppi.  Each JPEG should not exceed 3MBs.
  • Corresponding image list that includes title, date, medium and short description of work, if necessary
  • Please tell us your plans for your workshop, artist talk or presentation to be conducted during your residency (maximum 300 words).
  • Please tell us your concept to promote your residency experience, i.e media, blogs, social media, artist talk, open studio or art show.

    This residency is open to visual artists.

    The successful candidates will be selected based on their submitted material and artistic merit, by an impartial jury composed of Cassiar Cannery staff, Arts Council board members and invited guests.

The Cassiar Cannery is one of the Top 10 Unique Places to Overnight in BC. Nestled in the Skeena River Estuary, 30 minutes south of Prince Rupert BC, it was once the longest consecutively operated salmon cannery on the West Coast. Now in its 130th year, under restoration and diversification since 2006, the Cassiar Cannery supports a thriving tourism industry, boat works, custom woodwork, reclaimed lumber, visual arts and science and research.

During the residency program artists will stay in a one bedroom, self-contained, fully equipped guest house.  Studio space will be available in the repurposed and restored General Store, and in our shops, depending on the medium. The Cassiar Cannery has a full wood-shop and limited metal working tools such as a welder, band saw and vice.

There is no cell service but limited wifi is available. There is a courtesy phone available in a phone booth, and the Cassiar Cannery phone number can be used as a contact number. For more information about the Cassiar Cannery, visit 

To get an idea of the Cassiar Cannery and surrounding area, please follow their social media accounts for some fabulous photos.

Applicants should keep in mind stores and restaurants are in Prince Rupert, 30 minutes from the Cassiar Cannery.  There is a small General Store and gas in Port Edward and cell service 10 minutes up the road.  Successful candidates should have a valid driver’s license. Due to the limited size of the house, applications are not accepted from collaborative groups.  The accommodation is not wheel-chair accessible.  No pets please.  



  • Engage in your practice and commit to the full length of your residency.
  • Provide your own art supplies (an easel and lights will be provided), and personal safety equipment if required.
  • Arranging and payment of shipping, and insuring your art, equipment and supplies. 
  • Paying personal expenses, including food and beverages.
  • Short residency – Host a workshop from 9am - 4pm on Sunday, October 18, 2020
  • Long residency – to go along on a scenic jet boat trip and a day of public engagement with a performance, workshop, or similar event, at the Cassiar Cannery, during their residency, on May 2 and 3, 2020.
  • Be accessible, within reason, to the Prince Rupert Arts Council, the Cassiar Cannery and vetted media.
  • Follow site rules and return your work and living space to how you found it.
  • Promote your residency experience through diverse networks such as social media, blogs, or artist talks
  • Donation of one piece of art to the Cassiar Cannery that represents or celebrates the Cassiar Cannery.


Transportation to and from the Cassiar Cannery: 

The Cassiar Cannery is a 30 minute drive from the town of Prince Rupert. The Prince Rupert Community Arts Council will assist with transportation for artists without vehicles. Artists wishing to rent a vehicle will have to cover the cost themselves.

The Cassiar Cannery Artist-in-Residence program requires artists to donate one piece of art to the Cassiar Cannery that represents or celebrates the Cassiar Cannery. Artists have one year to complete and ship the art.

(Please note the cannery is a historic wooden site with a pristine environment. Projects that involve open flame, toxic materials or pose any danger or potential damage to the building or site will not be allowed)

HOST RESPONSIBILITIES (Cassiar Cannery / Prince Rupert Community Arts Council)

  • Accommodation in a one bedroom house
  • Studio space
  • Long residency honorarium of $2,000.00
  • Short residency honorarium of $750.00
  • Publicity and promotion
  • Promote your residency experience through diverse networks such as social media, blogs, artist workshops and presentations
  • Providing a venue for a public presentation, performance,  or similar event, and supplies if needed
  • Opportunity for networking and engagement with local artists
  • Reasonable access to Cassiar Cannery’s wood shop and MIG and stick welding equipment


Shorter Residency: October 9 - 19, 2020

Longer Residency: April 14 - May 4, 2020

There will be one public engagement session while you are here consisting of a workshop from 9am to 4pm.

Please note on your application what your concept of your workshop would be.

Workshop: Sunday, October 18, 2020

There will be one public engagement session while you are here on the weekend of May 2 and 3, 2020 involving:

  • Exploratory day trip of either historic sites around the Lower Skeena River, by boat, with interested artists with time to sketch, photograph and explore at each site.  This does involve getting in and out of boats and uneven, remote, wilderness terrain
  • A workshop or other mutually agreed concept for the day, at Cassiar Cannery, on May 3.

Please detail on your application what your concept of the day long workshop on May 3 would be.

*Interested in staying in the loop with the public engagements sessions and the Cassiar Cannery Artist-in-Residence Program?  Please join the specific mailing list:

2020 Dates:


Accommodation is available at the Cassiar Cannery for out-of-town guests interested in attending the weekend workshop at an additional cost to the workshop.  Please contact the Cassiar Cannery to reserve.

Lunch will be provided during the workshops.  If you have special dietary requirements, please advise at the time of registration.



An additional honorarium will be paid to the artist for the public engagement portion of their residency.

do you have QUESTIONS?

If you have any questions about the application process, or the art related side of the Artist-in-Residence program, please email the Prince Rupert Community Arts Council at artsprincerupert@gmail with Artist in Residence Program in the subject line

Email the Prince Rupert Community Arts Council

If you have any questions about the Cassiar Cannery, or media inquiries, please email the Cassiar Cannery at with Artist in Residence Program in the subject line

Email the Cassiar CanneryCassiar Cannery on FacebookCassiar Cannery on Instagram

2019 Artists-in-Residence

Mark Thibeault, Smithers, BC

2019 Short Residency

A deep understanding of line, rhythm, and space can be found in his paintings and in the instruments he crafts and plays.

Mark Thibeault is an expressionist painter currently residing in Telkwa, British Columbia Canada. Inspired by abstract expressionists, Thibeault refers to objects and surroundings for lines and shapes to start a piece. Compositions may come together quickly but are often painted over in favour of a composition that will insist it is complete and better than it was. Whether the composition finds itself early or after multiple edits, each has great depth and space and is rich with varied marks, layers of collage, acrylic and oil paint. The mood of each piece is governed by the previous line’s influence and affect. 


Jon Claytor lives and works in Sackville, New Brunswick. His figurative based paintings, new media work, design, ideas and projects revolve around the delicate tightrope we walk as human beings; how contrasting emotions often intersect and diverge when least expected and result in some very strange unions. The work moves between mediums but is united by the concept that each emotion exists in counterpart with its equal and opposite emotion and that every idea is joined to its opposite meaning. Jon has exhibited in LA, Tel Aviv and across Canada.  He is also the cofounder of SappyFest and Thunder & Lightning Ideas ltd.

My work moves between mediums but is united by the concept that each emotion exists in counterpart with its equal and opposite emotion and that every idea is joined to its opposite meaning.


about the RESIDENCY

Jon Claytor, Sackville, NB

2019 Long Residency

Excursion and Workshop: Saturday and Sunday, May 2 - 3, 2020


Long Residency: LAARA CERMAN

Short Residency: MARK TWOROW


My work explores the intersection of art, science, and history through investigating patches of wildness that survive within suburban and urban landscapes. My explorations continue into the forests of British Columbia where I aim to teach myself how to see the diversity of the forest  floor in the midst of an era where this knowledge has lost its priority but not its importance. With an ongoing practice of collecting wild plant specimens, I
am creating a digital herbarium documenting the life cycle of plants while learning about dfferent aspects and uses of  flora growing in Canada’s most biodiverse province. Through learning about the role of plants in the ecosystem and the gifts they o er us, one becomes more conscious of the mutual connections of life and the importance of reciprocity between humans and the Earth.

I am currently focused on documenting the wild plants of British Columbia for my ongoing series Codex Pacificus. In my most recent project, “Flora’s Song No.1 in C Major”, I have converted plant DNA to music which plays on a music box, made in collaboration with a geneticist. Flora’s Song has been shown on national TV, both CBC and Global News. 


Learn More About Laara Cerman

For the Cassiar Cannery residency I would focus on creating a prototype of what I call a “rain catcher,” which is a musical, metal sculpture. It would be in the form of a plant or a mushroom found in coastal B.C. When it rains, water will collect on the leaves or mushroom top and funnel into the central, hollow tube (the support structure) and jostle hidden, metal chimes that will be tuned to a musical chord. The sculpture can only be fully appreciated when it rains.  

Laara will be at the Cassiar Cannery April 14 - May 3, 2020.  You can meet her for an artist's adventure by jet boat around the Lower Skeena on Saturday, April 18 or join her for a basket weaving workshop on Sunday, May 3.  Details below.


Mark Tworow paints landscapes, abstracts, and still lifes and his paintings are known for their strong formal structure and lush painterly colors.

He has held several major solo exhibitions showcasing works which are now held in private collections both here in Canada, England, the U.S., and in New Zealand.

Mark graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the Alberta College of Arts in the 1990s. After living in Smithers for 19 years he spent a year in New Zealand, returning to Smithers in August of 2010.

Tworow's paintings show his passion for nature. His works depict a wide variety of natural settings, and he draws much of his inspiration from the majestic mountains, sparkling lakes and noble forests in and around Smithers. “If I had to define what I am as a painter, I’d lean towards abstract expressionist, though I use their techniques and approach to try and capture the essence of the landscape around us."


Learn More About Mark Tworow

Mark will be at the Cassiar Cannery October 9 - 19, 2020.  You can meet Mark and join his workshop on Sunday, October 18.  Details below.







Sunday, May 3, 2020

9am - 4pm

$125 per person, lunch included

General Store at the Cassiar Cannery

Coiled baskets can be made from a variety of natural materials and have been created by many different cultures around the world throughout the ages.  In this workshop we will learn the basics of how to make a rustic coiled basket from cordage and foraged natural materials. Please dress for the weather and wear comfortable shoes as we will begin outside foraging our materials and will then create our baskets indoors.


Register Now





8:30am - 4pm

$250 per person

General Store at the Cassiar Cannery

Ride along with expert guides and 2020 Artist-in-Residence Laara Cerman for a scenic, exploratory trip around the Lower Skeena River.  This day is designed to give creative people time to sketch and photograph some historical sites and the stunning scenery in the Skeena Estuary while listening to some of the amazing stories of once thriving towns.  Dress warmly and bring lunch.  MInimum numbers apply.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

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